MilieuMagazine No. 4 June 2022 - „Coöperatie bundelt circulaire krachten textielbranche“
NEWS · 29. June 2022
In the last MilieuMagazine an article in Dutch was published about the CIBUTEX cooperative. Read how the CIBUTEX members bundle their knowledge, their strengths and also their B2B post consumer textile waste/resource. In the article you can also read more about what exactly is recycled and about the process from collecting the used textiles to recycling and recycling processes. You can download the article in our news section.

Cibutex welcomes Product DNA as their first commercial partner
NEWS · 02. May 2022
Product DNA, a digital solutions provider for Product Transparency and Social Responsibility, has joined Cibutex. By joining Cibutex, Product DNA will bring over 15 years of experience in tracing the full life cycle of a product.

MaxTex is a new member of CIBUTEX
NEWS · 19. April 2022
We are very pleased to welcome MaxTex to CIBUTEX and look forward to working with them. Like CIBUTEX, MaxTex is committed to sustainable development in the textile industry and has set itself the long-term goal of achieving a circular economy. With MaxTex, we have gained a competent member that, in addition to important know-how and a large network, also pursues a similar goal.

Cibutex becomes part of the MaxTex family as a start-up!
NEWS · 13. April 2022
Cibutex becomes part of the MaxTex family as a start-up! MaxTex is an international association with the aim of strengthening the sustainable development of the textile industry through intensive cooperation between all members. The long-term goal of MaxTex is to enable a 100 % circular economy. We are very pleased to be a part of the MaxTex association!

Press release: New textile cooperative brings closed chain closer - Jointly rounding off the textile chain
NEWS · 21. March 2022
Amsterdam, February 2022: Five well-known players in the textile service industry announce the establishment of Cibutex (Circular Business Textiles). This new cooperative is dedicated to the recycling and recovery of fibres from discarded textiles. Cibutex wants to contribute to a circular textile chain through cooperation in the whole sector.