Cibutex closes the loop of business textile production

by bringing B2B post-use textile back into the production cycle.

circularity through cooperation

Circularity through cooperation

Only by joining forces we can make a difference and create impact in the textile service sector. That is why we founded the CIBUTEX cooperative.

from sheet to sheet

Textile to textile.

Circularity basically means reducing the use of natural resources and preventing products to go to waste.

For Cibutex circularity means recycling business textiles into new business textiles. In short: textile to textile.  

CIBUTEX continuous further development

Continuous further development.

Cibutex facilitates the recycling of business textile, but also supports and drives innovative, cooperative experiments and pilot-projects. Always with the goal to create a more circular industry.



The textile industry causes a lot of damage to our environment. It is often characterised by the use of conventional raw materials and poor production and working conditions.


As a cooperative of different companies from the textile service sector, we would like to contribute to a more sustainable textile supply chain and enable a circular economy in textile industry through circular textiles in the B2B sector.


By upcycling B2B post consumer textile waste/resource and returning it to the textile chain, we want to

  • reduce the ecological footprint and
  • reduce the consumption of raw materials.
400 tonnes of circular business textiles is the CIBUTEX goal for the first year


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